October 11, 2005

Sac & Save...More Like Sac & Suck!!**UPDATE**

I just bought a package of cookies for my "all nighter" at the library. I get to the them up...and guess what I find. EVERY COOKIE IS BROKEN!! I WISH I had my camera hookup right now because this is ghetto. Most of the cookies are in about 10 pieces. There are 2 trays of crumbleness with not a single distinguishable cookie. THen there are two trays of crumbleness with maybe one or two masses that were once cookies.

Oh the pain. I regret to say that I am enjoying this system, but I have put away 3 1/2 cookies without knowing it. Throwing it back like popcorn. LET ME TELL YOU THIS SACK AND SAVE! When morning comes and this package is gone...I will be the first to spread the word of your slapdash shipping and helter-skelter stocking!

Other then that I'm about the same on progress with my paper. A little more research done.

Oh yeah. and there's this girl in my class that found me at the library and won't stop talking to me. Lovely.




Honestly, could this be the product of anything other then a disgruntled Sac employee?

PS! Thanks a lot for the crumbs on my comfortor! (THat's me, right 3am...PAPER STILL NOT DONE)


Kristen said...

get that paper done! Right now. Enjoy the cookies. They would be broken once they were chomped on anyway.

Billy said...

Stop and pnoder the broken cookies while preciouse time slips bye.

Billy said...

Woah HG was your favorite character on sesame street the Cooooookie Monster?

kimananda said...

So, I'm assuming by now that you got it done. How did it go?

jamie said...

Haha, that poor girl had no idea you were writing about her! I'll remember not to talk too much if I see you in the library.

That's sad about the cookies. Sack and Save really is an awful store, and they're more expensive than a lot of other places! said...

Is that photo truely the state you bought them in??
That is terrible! I've seen some poor things before, but that is pretty bad!!