October 04, 2005

Hooah! The fair rules!!

What would the fair be without wanting to hurl upon departure? :) I will now give you a sequential list of what I ingested at the fair:

Chili (From the cook off! YEE HAW)
Ribs (also from the cook friend got 10th place!!)
peanutbutter, jelly, and banana sandwich...DEEP FRIED! (*tears of joy*)
Frito Pie
sausage on a stick
banana's foster (or whatever you say)
french fries
a Corny Dog (which, (am I wrong?), should be called a Carny Dog.)
Cheesecake...DEEP FRIED!

and just when we thought we couldn't eat another bite!....

Nachos (a la jalapeno & chili)
& personal favorite!!!
FUNNEL CAKE! (with strawberries)

I feel like a total cow.... BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

Now, pictures. :)

These guys were my dates to the fair. From left to right:

Blew too drunk to test drive a Chevy at 10:30am and then twisted his ankle the first football play of the day! (WE LOVE YOU!), the only cool person that wanted to ride rides with me but then I lamed out b/c I felt like puking, 10th place WINNER for the RIB CONTEST!!, and friends with everyone with free food and drink. :) VERY WONDERFUL TIME!

Here's some proof, the 10th place ribbon:

And this is proof that I was at the Chili cookoff:

What you can't see are his CUTOFF JEAN SHORTS! What you can see is my AWESOME FREE VISOR from the CHEVY stand!

And tell me what the fair would be without butter-elvis?:

no, seriously?

And a crazy fun-house mirror!?

Or going on rides that are a rip-off?

BTW! Don't stop at the first Crazy-Fun-HOuse at the fair for 8 TICKETS! Because a half an hour later you will see another one with more bells and whistles then you can imagine and it will be just as many tickets and twice as long!? DARN CARNIES!!!!


amy said...

i am soo jealous, that guy on the slide looks hot...who is he?lol

blackops said...

Damn Humah you certainly put a way the chow.

Billy said...

Thanks HG This post is happy happy!

KV said...

Looks like it's still warm in Texas....not here ;-)

Mitey Mite said...

Damn! I grew up in Dallas, attended the State Fair every year for like 30 years, and not once did they have a butter Elvis! I feel so cheated! Glad you had fun, though.

Christie said...

Deep fried pbj&b?
That sounds... interesting. lol, glad you had fun though!

cityman05 said...

Ok, I was about to get off the computer and go to bed until I read your blog. You have made me hungry. Very, very, hungry. LOL.

cool blog!

john boy said...

No way! Please, tell me you didn't eat all of that in ONE night! LOL

Chelsea said...

You must be young. I haven't been able to eat like that for years. It's one of those things you body does to you for loving to eat everything unhealthy.