October 04, 2005

Thanks to Oprah...

Lori McKenna, the writer of Faith Hills "Fireflies", was on Oprah Monday along with Faith Hill. Lori sang Ruby's Shoes, a song that was inspired by Oprah's show with Ruby Bridges and a book about Ruby called The Story of Ruby Bridges. The song was so beautiful that i had to check her out. I stumbled onto a gold mine. This song, called "Unfinished" is an unfinished song from her album called The Kitchen Tapes. Every song on this C.D. was recorded from her kitchen with a little recorder and are completely un-edited. Enjoy. :)

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Wethyb said...

I'd listen to it, but I have no speakers :( I'll try later at home!

Have a good day!

MissMeliss said...

Oooh, always on the lookout for new music.
Sounds great.

MarylandMommy said...

I saw this Oprah show & fell in love with her music too!!!!!