October 21, 2005

RIP Wonderful long post!

I had a beautiful post all ready and awesome and wonderful and witty and great and long! Then PPOOOOOOFF! Gone! Vanished! Into thin blog-air! It had pictures. It was funny! And now I have no idea what I wrote cause it was so aweseome and long.

You will pay for this blogger! You will pay.

SO now I will try to rehash the awesomness that was my previous post. (So not going to happen)

I'm pretty excited that I get to drive 45 minutes to WORK FOR FREE tomorrow. Once again my International Human Rights class gets me to go above and beyond! (PS GOT AN A ON THE TEST! WHAT WHAT!?) 20 hours of community service is what it's all about.

Must sleep. Need to leave my house at the BUTTCRACK to get there on time. Wonderful.

PS I'm still mad about my post! GRR!


KV said...

How do you really feel about that lost post? ;-)

PS: Congrats on the A.

Billy said...

There is a link in your post window called recover post and it has saved me more than once.

Melissa H said...

A hint from posting on message boards:

Before you even attempt to publish, Click CTRL-A and then CTRL-C. That will copy your post in case you lose it.

If you do, open a new post window, click in it and click CTRL-V. That will paste your post back.

Kari said...

I really hate when that happens...

Way to go on the A!!

Destiny Anne said...

that sux! that happens to me all the time.

MissMeliss said...

I HATE IT when my blog interface (WordPress in my case) gets all psycho and loses my post. I've started doing the important posts in Word, actually.

Congrats on the A.

Jaime said...

That sucks about the post! Congrats on the A, though. :)

... said...

"A voice is heard in the blogosphere, lamentation, and bitter weeping, HG weeping for her post; she refuseth to be comforted for her post, because it is not."