October 11, 2005

Paper Update Numero Uno

Ok, some more research. Some copy and paste. A huge headache. I, so far, have a vague idea of what my paper is going to be. I had a dream last night, LITERALLY, that I was writing my paper. I was editing and cutting and rewriting. I promise.

If anyone needs to find me.....I will be in the pits of paper purgatory.

Dun, dun, Duhhnnnnnn.


allison said...

I'm in your same boat!!!! I just turned in my prospectus and the outline is due next week. arghh

Tess Harrison said...

Hang in thre and good luck!

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Ah, for me, when I dream of writing my paper, project, or whatever school work there is, the next day, I have everything I need to do it. It seems that the dream did the analysing for me and all I need is to write it down on paper.


Chelsea said...

I was never good at the research type papers. I could write fiction on anything, but research? Now way!!!

I just wanted to say "hi". I've not been on the computer for a couple of weeks.