September 05, 2005

Muy Agujereado!

Since I have nothing to post and have done nothing today, i'm going to post about homework.

Here's where 90% of my homework takes place:

On my bed. The kitchen chair that's been masquerading as my computer chair leaves red marks on the back of my legs and cuts off my circulation.

Here are my text books for 18 credit hours:

Also pictured, the garbage can that won't be emptied until it's compressed to weigh 90 lbs.

Here are my notebooks:

¡Ahora, mi gran organizaciĆ³n! Each class has it's own folder and color.

Front pocket: syllabus and schedule...........Back pocket: Work.

ALSO...the last page of every section is reserved for things that i want to include in my teaching or classroom:

To make sure I stay on track, my wonderful $1.99 organizer.'s my key. :) Each class with it's own color:

Now, for those of you still awake, my backpack:

This is my favorite back pack EVER! Not only is she beautiful, but she's got ten gagillion pockets that I won't even begin to show you all!......Just a few.

My "accessory" pocket:

Font to back: Pencil-Pouch complete with highlighters, pens, and stapler...more pens...notepad for random thoughts....and that hook thing in the back has a bunch of hair ties on it. Preperation!

Here's the main pocket. The picture didn't turn out, but I don't like retaking pictures. There's my book...and the blue thing on the left is my.....((drumroll please))....RECORDER!

Talk about a headache! I have to play a recorder in a class with 30 people....

15 comments: said...

A handy tip for the waste bin:
If you keep squashing more stuff into it, then it will eventually become a small black hole, which will then readily eat up any further trash you throw at it.


KV said...

I got inspired by you and bought a cheap organizer as well. Let see if it works for me.

Billy said...

If you do in fact become a teacher me thinks you will be good at it. You just kept me in wrapped attention with the most mundane collection of items and facts.

Tess Harrison said...

You look so organized. I wish I could be in that organized state right now!!

TheMartins said...

I agree... you look very prepared for school. Very organized! And you are way more brave then me... playing in front of people... that was hard for me to do in Jr. High let alone now. You go girl!

BlackOps said...

You are just too funny Humah.

Jen said...

Ah, memories... Love the color organization.

Lynn Daniels said...

Looks like you're going to be one busy girl! Good luck! I admire your organization.

Jeremiah said...

You make everything look sooo nice. I suck at organization.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are one busy gal!

MissMeliss said...

I'm having this sudden urge to hit Office Max, just for fun...

Lovely pix. They made me grin.

(I do most of my best writing in bed with my laptop.)

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

I can see you are a color person, every subject is color coded...

It seems that blog-modification is contagious nowadays. I guess we both got tired of the Scribe template?


Kent said...

Dig the backpack, but for future reference...if you need to lug a bunch of crap around check out and tell 'em Kent sent you!

I have a gray and black Citizen and it's killer. My whole life is in PowerBook, my iPod, contact lenses, cell phone, house keys, my digital camera, even some clothes.

These Chrome people really should be paying me, don't you think?

Jessie said...

I love your organization!! You are like ME!! Everything matching with a color, I love it!!

I did not know you were going to be a teacher!! Me too!! I am so excited!!

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

seems like you are going to get super sore sitting on the bed hunched over your computer.

you should get a decent ergo chair, it's worth it.

and 18 credit hrs?? that's quite a load.

nice new template, lemme know if you need that shoulder massaged.