September 06, 2005


Ok, for all you car dealerships, POOOOOOHHEEYYYY!!!!!!!

I suppose you hire the same psychics that the police hire to see into the future when everything will fall apart! Then, you make the warrenty for JUST under that! YOU STINK!!

I got out of my car and opened my back door to get my backpack. It felt a little labored and I heard a sound..... but just figured it was nothing.

HERE is what my side panel is SUPPOSED to look like.....

Here is what my rear drivers side panel looks like NOW!!:

YOU CRAP! Can you believe this!? lol The glue came loose and I guess it was jarring out......That made it catch and bend.


So, I call the dealership and ask them if it's covered. OF COURSE NOT. My warrenty was up last month!!! lol

It seems easy to fix...just tear the metal strip off and reglue a new one, right?


Mr. VW: "No, you can't just buy the metal strip. It comes already adhered to a rubber/plastic strip. It'll look at costing you a couple hundred."

Me: " clever."


TheMartins said...

Oh that really sucks! Aren't dealerships the best?

Karla said...

What a scam! Cars are built with money robbing in mind I'm sure. You can never buy a 2 dollar replacement part. You have to rebuild have the car to replace a bumper. :)

Ok..slight exageration, but it certainly feels like that sometimes.

Memphis Steve said...

In the words of my industrious father: "Duct tape"

Only kidding. Please don't duct tape it. Whatever glued it down originally was made by 3M. Find an autobody supplier in the yellow pages and ask them what originally glued it down. Then buy it, bend it, and glue it.

Billy said...

We the consumers have allowed so many excessive abuses to continue for so long this is what we get. They would not charge these prices if some knuckle heads were not paying them. The dealers are out and out extortionist.

Take it to Mayberry and have Goober look at it. He will fix it for a bottle of pop and a moon pie.

I agree with the naked man on the toilet by the side of the road. It is time to use some ingenuity and fix it for a fraction of the price.

Busted Flip Flop said...

Oh yeah please don't go to a body shop for this you’ll get hammered with charges! I have a VW and I've managed to fix all scrapes and one shifted bumper (it was icy out) all on my own. Use girl tools: tweezers, polish cloth, jewelry pliers... And I agree with Billy, go to your local auto store and get the adhesive for trim... test glue something else before working on the car though.

I thank all my auto body abilities to x-boyfriends and beauty school. w00t! Good luck!

puremood said...

Yeah that bites... I'm sure you got a friend somewhere who can help ya fix it... :) That's what my friends are for *LOL*

rcm said...
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rcm said...

Awesome template change, its refreshing somehow. Makes your blog that much better!

BTW, try a rubber mallet with maybe a crowbar (looks like it might fit perfectly behind the trim so you can "reform" it correctly) or any chunk of steel that that you can brace behind it to bend it back then you should be able to pick up some appropriate glue at a parts store. Prolly still have a crease in the trim but it would look a whole lot better and would be far cheaper than $200. Good luck with fixing it. said...

I drive a trusty 1987 Toyota Corolla. You probably don't have cars of that vintage in America, but in New Zealand we run a much older car fleet (due in part to new cars costing $60,000+).
The advantage of such a car is that after 18 years it is still driving and if something goes wrong it is generally cheap tio fix. Plus it doesn't have almost any of the features of a modern car and so has less than can go wrong.

I did however have the pleasure of having an almost brand new car for 3 months. When I was in America last year for 3 months I had a rental car for that time. It had only done 700 miles when I got it!!
I must say some (all) of these new features in cars are fantastic. Central locking, electric windows, power stearing, comfortable seats, air conditioning, CD player, electric sun roof, a sun roof at all!, electric mirrors, automatic headlights (they came on when it was dark etc), automatic gearbox.
When I got back to NZ and my 1987 car, I tried to tell myself how lucky I was not to still have a 2004 model car (just imagine the cost of fixing something if it goes wrong).. We all have to tell ourselves things at times!


Chief Slacker said...

This when the great places called "vehicle recovery yards" or basically junkyards come in handy, you can go out, find the same car and take the strip off of that car, and get it for a good deal less than a couple hundred! :O)

JRT said...

I count on such things happening at least every few weeks. My sincere condolences nevertheless. It's especially bad when it's a new car and you still have the memories of the few months when it was in mint condition. Also...get a Toyota or Honda next time if at all possible.