September 19, 2005

Til a Rainy Day...and Other News.

I'll just have to wait 'til i have a rainy day to waste on my computer....Billy helped me get my sidebar in order, but, unfortunately, my postings weren't coming in right. Back to the drawing board…



Annoying Keyboard Girl brought up Bono--(again!!!)--as a funny resolution for international conflict. TO this I sing:

Once......Twice.....Three times A--NNOYINGGGG!!!!


Canceled!! I got to finish my reading for International Human Rights! Lucky Break.


I had "that" girl in my reading group today. I think we ALL know who “That” girl is. Stay with me for a second….

Group: Who has good handwriting to write on the overhead to present to the class?
TG: Oh I have good handwriting!
Group: ((Looks around to see if anyone else would like an opportunity to write.))
TG: I have good handwriting, I’ll do it.
((It’s settled…TG will write)

5 Minutes later. We have just discovered that part of our presentation will be reading a book to the class as if they are young children.

Group: Ok, so I guess someone has to read this book to the class?
TG: I’ll do it! I know I can do it.
Group: Does anyone else want to read? ((A few shy people may want to, but won’t say anything at this point.))
TG: I seriously don’t mind doing it! I’ll read!
((It’s settled…TG will read.)

HG speaking for group: I guess we have to find someone else to write now.
Other girl in group to TG: I thought you were writing?
TG: ((SNAPS)) I CAN’T! …pause….I’m reading. ((Laughs to cover up her outburst))

Whoa. Her handwriting must be really good.


blackops said...

You're still the best Humahh

TheMartins said...

Good luck with TG...

BTW your posts and sidebar look fine to me.