September 21, 2005

My vice!

I need to get my mind off of the chaos, so I am going to share with you all MY VICE!

It lies in this darling $4 bag that I got from Ross! (Just thought I'd add that) I would like to share this post with all of you lovely blog friends, but picture upload isn't working right.

Until Tomorrow!!


TheMartins said...

WAY WAY WAY CUTE! I love Ross! ;o)

MG said...

Sooooo....your vice is in the bag?

Is it.......a choo choo train?

Tammy said...

Don't you just love Ross? My mom is a store manager of one. LOVE the discount!

Mama Duck said...

I miss Ross!!! LOVE it! That is a totally cute little bag!

allison said...

its cute. is it a make-up bag? i mean does it have that plastic coating?