September 27, 2005

Questionaire a la Shades of Pink

Thanks to Shades of Pink for this questionaire.

1. Ice cream or Yogurt? Cookie Dough Ice Cream...and White Chocolate Yogurt from TCBY!

2. What's your favorite board game? SCRABBLE or Cranium. Best games ever!

3. Do you play video games? I used to play N64. I was the QUEEN of MarioKart!

4. If you were given a chance to change your name, would you do it? If yes, what would your new name be? WHen I was younger, I wanted to change my name to Samantha. lol. I love my name now.

5. What are the last 2 blogs that you've visited? Please share the links with us so we can check them out. Pink Is The New Blog and Amalah because her baby doesn't want to come! :)

6. What's your biggest frustration? that I have to be a waitress right now. I want a normal teaching job that pays crud so I can be happy! :)


KV said...

I love Cranium too. I knew there was a good reason why I like you so much :-)

Kathy said...

My sister and I used to stay up until 2:00 in the morning playing Dr. Mario!!!

Jaime said...

I LOOOOOOVE T.C.B.Y. YUM. Very jealous right now... I've just developed a new craving! ;)
Have you played "upwords"? It's like scrabble but better! :)

Billy said...

Ahh Crud! The more you have the happier you will be!

blackops said...

Cranium is the best game ever.

LAMommyof3 said...

Yummy - cookie dough ice cream!!! I just had some the other day. I was on a chocolate high -- I added chocolate syrup and Chips Ahoy cookies to it! My kids loved it - they called it a chocolate cookie sundae! :0)

rcm said...

Mario Kart shoud be the game of the century :)