June 26, 2005

Before work, the yellow shirt, and too much champagne.

(I'm following Amalah's footsteps and doing a play-by-play of my evening. So you may all see the exact order of my tool-i-ness.)

3:29- Already late and still have to iron my work-shirt. Turn heat up too high and cook rust colored starch stain onto pocket. Wonderful.

3:41- Catch a glimpse of my terrifyingly, overgrown eyebrows in rearview!! Am repulsed! Attempt to pluck them with finger-tweezers.

3:42 -Finger tweezer plan has gone completely awry. The 2 hairs are still there and have taken on new life forms. Curly, wiry life forms. Cannot stop playing with them. I wonder if they look as obvious as they feel..?

4:01- Am walking into work...but still thinking of excuses to call in sick.

4:02- I would kill for a Hershey's bar.

4:03- Literally.

4:10- Wth?? There is a yellow, banded collar, short sleeve shirt hanging up in back that is uglier then sin. Someone owns it. A guy!?

I stop to admire...

Need camera batteries so can have pictures for all to see. Shirt is remarkably similar...but was uglier. And only had buttons 4 down from the collar.

This was pretty much my face at the scene of the crime.

4:22- Have just caught sight of Perfect Butt Girl and feel sad at the death of my diet.

4:23- Would kill Butt Girl for a Hershey's bar.

4:24- Since Hershey bar nowhere in sight, will make "new diet" declaration.

4:30- Work meeting is starting. Campagne tasting! I think love my job, right now.

4:38- Feet and hands numb. Check. Can't stop laughing with L.A. Check. Would rather be anywhere else laughing with L.A. Check.

4:55- Work meeting is ajourned. I am drunk. So is everyone else. Can't stop quoting Zoolander.

5:05- Have eaten 3 rolls and a quarter of a piece of chocolate cake. "Yeah, it's GREAT butt girl! Too bad you "can't have any!" and "don't need it." Blah! "

5:09- Have eaten another roll...this time with alfredo and bacon.

5:20- Someone really needs to do this guy a favor and burn that stupid yellow shirt. Who's is it? I'm still drunk.

6:55- SO SLOW. Am annoying everyone with talking like Zoolander.

6:59- Sneak cell phone into bathroom to check messages because am so, utterly bored and haven't checked them in like 2 weeks.

7:01- Apron string is now wet thanks to toilet. Awesome.

7:02- Won't have time to check because of wet nastiness that is my work uniform.

7:03- Permanent fake smile.

7:04- Am still starved.

7:05- Wish I had more champagne...


jac said...

That apron string, where did it reach....LMAO

Humor Girl said...

It's tied in the back and is extremely dipped in when I was hiding in the stall with my phone! hehe

jennyonthespot said...

Ha! I like 4:23!!! By the way - Hello! Michele sent me:)

Tess Harrison said...

This sounds like a successful evening!*g* Loved reading it.

And you're welcome for the post-it tip!

dány said...

whoa! many things done...

my evening comes to hitting this mouse button...