June 02, 2005

Where I am and What I'm Doing!! :)

Hi guys! I'll try to visit your blogs as much as possible over the next two weeks. I'm going to try to post about what I'm doing and who I'm with! :)

I am visiting my hometown of Spokane, WA. My bestfriend MJ, mom, step-dad, brothers, and WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY will be among those loved on! Oh yeah...with the ocassional ex-boyfriend that HOPEFULLY, after seeing me, will regret having treated me so poorly. :)

This is what my hair looked like last time I was home....

Umm..that's a picture of a picture that's in a it kind of sucks. :) all know what my hair looks like now. I love the shock factor!

Ok...I will let you all know what I find!! Lots of goodies! Old stuff I refuse to throw away....stuff I have in storage that I won't retreive for another 10 years.

Stay Tuned!!!

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