June 27, 2005

Chex Mix is the Spawn of Satan.

After coming to the conclusion that chex mix is laced with heroine, I will not be purchasing another bag...ever. I hope you all support me in my decision as i already have one food addiction and cannot afford to take on another.




I also woke up this morning and really wanted to wear the shirt that I wore to bed. It's a really cute perriwinkle blue Pepperdine Tshirt with a white logo. But I have shame.

NO, wait...I don't. SO, I'm going to wear it.


Also, just one more thing. I wish I had a maid.


naughtygirl said...

damn right i wish i had one too. i hate to clean and can never motivate myself to want to do it. unless i am severely stressed and thats the way i choose to let it out.

i love chex mix too. theres this one kind the sweet and salty mix.. i love it. alot. so much that i wont buy it

JRT said...

Hey Jen: what's your other food addiction? I remember when u used to be addicted to mustard Gardetto's! lol

You really should stop beating yourself up over it, though. Here is an incomplete list of my food addictions: 1) Diet Pepsi; 2) Any and all forms of ice cream; 3) Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Biggie-size #6 in the hizzy)