June 23, 2005

The Things That Make Me Go "YAY!!"

I've compiled two lists that recognize the little things in my life. The little things that make me go "YAY!" And the little things that make me go "What the...!?... You've GOT to be....! No Freaking Way!" Here we go...

My "YAY!" List

1. When I find a "there-their-they're" mistake, before I click "send" on a blog-reply.
2. When i have exact change.
3. When my keys are in the FIRST place I look.
4. When there's NO ONE in the weight room at the gym.
5. When there's left-over pizza in the fridge! (I live with my family, so it's a surprise!)
6. When I don't have to stop at a "Yeild-On-Left-Turn"
7. When I catch someone leaving a GREAT parking spot! :)
8. When i don't buy an awesome purse...and then find it on sale!!
9. When someone compliments me on my accessory!!
10. When I wake up...and the house is quiet.

My "NO WAY!" List

1. When I'm on the couch doing homework...and the couch eats my PEN!?
2. When I agree to help someone move.....and inadvertently agree to "heavy-lift" while they pack the rest of the kitchen.
3. When I order my favorite wine...and then DON'T have my i.d.
4. When TIVO "blacks out" my FAVORITE show.
5. When a season finally is a "to-be-continued"... and then the follow up show SUCKS.
6. When I'm at a stop light and someone RIGHT next to me is IN MY BUBBLE! GO AWAY!
7. When I go to the dr. and "That'll be $25." NOT $15!!?
8. WHen I need to get my oil changed.
9. When I have to clean my car.
10. When I FINALLY get comfortable in bed....and I have to go to the bathroom. sigh.

Anything I didn't mention?


Anonymous said...

great lists they're/there/their, humor girl!

i love the exact change one and the getting comfortable in bed... ugh!

so what is your favorite wine? as an iron chef, i just gotta know stuff like that...

Kristen said...

my contribution to the Yay list--when you go to a packed restaurant and still get seated immediately. I love that.

Humor Girl said...

Favoirite wine... anything by ZD! We sell it for about $20 a glass..but it is SO worth it.

Monica said...

My fav wine is Beringer White Zinfandel, I'm so cheap lol.
Seriously, I love your blogging! So glad you're here!

Memphis Steve said...

I don't understand "in my bubble." And yet I thought it was funny anyway. What is wrong with me?

Humor Girl said...

Monica: Doesn't matter if it's cheap...sometimes cheap wines are better. I've learned that Napa wines JACK their prices up because of the high price of rent on the vinyards. Just because it's more expensive, doesn't mean it's better.

Memphis Steve: "in my bubble" means when someone is too close for comfort. When your pass. window is down, and their drivers window is down...and they're RIGHT next to you and looking when you glance over. You can almost hear them breathing! lol...EW. And can DEF hear what they have on their radio. PLEASE DON'T ALIGN YOUR WINDOW WITH MINE!?

haha..that's my new mantra.

JRT said...

Yay: 1) when you wake up and think you have work/school and then you realize you don't...aaaaaahhhhhhh; 2) finding money (duh); 3) car seats that go "all the way" back...ohhh yeah....; 4) waking up before the alarm goes off

No Way: 1) when i smell somebody's cigarette smoke and start drooling, five seconds after I told somebody how glad I am that I quit; 2) car seats that stop halfway 3) waking up 2 hrs after the alarm went off b/c I turned it off in my sleep...ARRRRGGGH; 4) losing money; 5) locking yourself out of the house/car;