June 25, 2005

"It's not you....It's me."

how do you tell someone you don't like them without telling them that you don't like them? Here are some alternatives to "It's not You, it's me."


1. "Look, I had fun, but I just don't think this is going anywhere."
2. "Man, I LOVE hanging out with you, it reminds me of being with my brother."
3. "You didn't want to go out again, did you?"
4. "Your time seems valuable, and I REALLY don't want to waste it."
5. "Let's do us both a favor and not go out again." (I'll thank A for this one!)
6. " don't smell AS bad as my ex."
7. "I'm really busy right now. I'm so sorry I don't have time to talk. And I won't tomorrow either."
8. "Look, we can go on another date, but you CAN'T look at my third nipple..DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT." personal favorite.....

9. "Don't call me ever again."


Amanda said...

I hate that men like to drag it out, at least call and tell us, its not big deal.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be told he wasn't into me; and I would rather tell him than have him hold out false hope and embarrass himself.

MG said...

You never know ... he may not be as into you as you seem to think. If you want to cut it off w/o finding out his intentions then definitely go with the brother comment. Watch the wind luff right out of his sails. (Sorry...gonna' get a lot of sailing references from me probably.)

I've added you to my blog-roll (such as it is).

Andrew Ironwood said...

There's a few good ones here (warning: some NSFW language there...)